Frequently Asked Questions

How are you dealing with COVID risks?


There is no such thing as zero risk in this situation. We are trying to be aware of the risks and mitigate them as much as possible. This is why we offer the following tips for forming Learning Circles and selecting Guides. We have developed COVID protocols based on the latest guidance from the state of Colorado and the Center for Disease Prevention around daily health screenings and temperature checks, sharing space, sharing materials, washing hands, etc. Our enrichment providers will be following these same protocols. 


What happens if someone in my family or Learning Circle gets COVID?


If there is an incident of COVID within any Learning Circle, current health guidelines require that anyone who has had exposure to that circle should self-quarantine for 14 days. This means that the Circle will not meet during that period.


How do we get into a Learning Circle?


Remember, the goal here is to keep social circles tight, mostly to mitigate COVID risk. Ideally, you will find families in your immediate school or neighborhood network who are interested in forming a circle. See our guidance and tips here. 


How do we find a Guide?


For reasons of COVID safety, as well as the safety and comfort of families, the ideal is for your Circle to identify someone already within the network as a Learning Guide. See our guidance and tips here.

Where do we meet?


The more we can all stay outdoors the better. If at all possible, it is easiest for Learning Circle families to arrange to meet at members’ homes. Consider converting your garage into a workspace with heaters, or pitching a small open tent in a yard or nearby park. For Learning Circles that cannot arrange this, please contact our team and we will support you to find a location. Our hope is that over the course of the fall, city governments and districts will consider opening locations like rec centers, libraries, and schools to host groups that need a space to meet (consider writing a letter to encourage them to do this!). If you live in an area where there are offices, restaurants, or other local businesses that are empty during the day consider approaching them to see whether they would be willing to support neighborhood students in this challenging moment. Enrichments will meet outdoors in local parks or open spaces for as long as possible, and we will make indoor arrangements as needed.


What are the costs?


We have a tiered cost structure to enable us to serve as many families as we can regardless of their ability to pay. We also want to give members of the community who are in a position to support others the chance to do so.


Can I support another family?


Yes! Please consider enrolling at the Go BOLD level.

What are the dates of this program?


This fall, we are running two, 6 week-cycles:  September 14-Oct 23; and Oct 26 - Dec 11 (with the week of Thanksgiving, Nov 23-27 off). We will release plans for the spring as they are determined.


Will you go into the spring?


We will release plans for the spring as they are determined.

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